Security Software for Database Encryption and Standby Databases for the Oracle RDBMS.


Oracle Database Encryption Software for Security Against Data-Theft

Database Encryption Software for Oracle AES cisp, hipaa and pci compliance.

Welcome to the Oracle database software and security specialists, RDC Inc. Here you will find the most sophisticated and stable database encryption security solution on the market today -- the Encryption Wizard for Oracle. Easy to install and designed around an intuitive GUI Interface, the Encryption Wizard for Oracleis the only third-party security software that can encrypt Oracle number, date, and character data at the schema, table or column level. Now compatible with Oracle 19c!

The Encryption Wizard has been helping Oracle customers prevent data-theft and meet compliance standards such as CISP, HIPAA and PCI for over ten years. Using AES256 and DES3 encryption techniques to protect data at rest, the Encryption Wizard is even faster than Oracle's own Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) solution. For more information view our current white paper on secure database encryption submited to the Sans Institute.

oracle standby database software for high-availability and continuity planning for disaster recover and failover.

For disaster recovery solutions, we offer the Standby Wizard for Oracle, an automated standby database high-availability suite that rivals Oracle's own standby database Data Guard technology. With an inutitive graphical interface, creating and maintaining standby databases for disaster recovery and continuity planning is easy with the Standby Wizard.


Relational Database Consultants, Inc. (RDC) has been serving the Oracle community since 1989.  At this site, you can learn all about our database encryption product and security services to help you with disaster recovery planning and encryption for security and compliance. We also offer technical training courses in Hawaii.

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