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Compatible with standard and enterprise editions Oracle 10g through Oracle 19c databases.

The Encryption Wizard for Oracle is an easy-to-use database encryption security suite. Since 2002, the Encryption Wizard has helped Oracle security managers and database administrators meet compliance standards such as CISP, HIPAA and PCI. No other thrid-party database encryption tool can automatically encrypt Oracle date, number and character data at the column, table, or schema level with the click of a mouse.

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The Encryption Wizard was written for Security Managers and Oracle DBAs, making it is easy to install and operate. In a few minutes, from a PC or Unix/Linux worksation, you will be able to encrypt data-at-rest using AES256 or DES3 cryptography on any Oracle database 10g through 18c.

Oracle Encryption AES256, Security & Auditing

Automatically generated updateable views, restricted user lists, auditing tools, AES256 and DES3 Encryption, management style reports, and a blazing fast architecture are the reasons why the Encryption Wizard for Oracle is the most sophisticated and reliable database encryption software on the market today.

The Encryption Wizard generates decrypted views to decrypt data for authorized users. Migration to encrypted data, simply requires that applications point to decrypted views. With an automatically generated trigger, all standard SQL statements can be run against the new decrypted view by your existing applications.

Encryption for Oracle databases, Easy to Use Security Software

Triple AES-256 encryption now offered! Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and open-source GNU Crypto AES256 Encryption supported.

Compare the Encryption Wizard’s features to other products -- platform dependent libraries not originally designed for the Oracle RDBMS, over-priced homespun encryption routines. The Encryption Wizard not only automates both AES and Triple-DES encryption of your production data with an easy-to-use interface, the Encryption Wizard’s monitoring, security, diagnostic, and auditing functions are also second-to-none.

Encryption Wizard User Manual for Oracle Encryption

The Encryption Wizard uitilizes the Oracle corporation's fast and stable DBMS_Crypto and DBMS_Obfuscation_Toolkit packages and thus exists “inline” cached in the Oracle SGA. This is the secret to its speed and scaleabilty -- all encryption and key management functions are buffered in memory for each session requesting encrypted Oracle data.

API Reference for Oracle data-at-rest encryption and security

Using advanced AES 256-bit cryptography, the Encryption Wizard for Oracle is able to encrypt one million rows of table data in just over 3 minutes!

High-performance encryption for Oracle Security and Intrusion Detection

Take a visual tour of the Encryption Wizard GUI Interface . See what it looks like. No database encryption offering has a front-end as professional or easy-to-use as ours.

Security Managers guard against data-theft with the Encryption Wizard

Because the Encryption Wizard is integrated with Oracle’s certified DBMS_Crypto and DBMS_Obfuscation_Toolkit packages, we can offer our product at a fraction of the cost that other database encryption companies charge.

Instead of paying someone else to re-invent the wheel, utilize Oracle’s AES-128 bit, AES-256 bit, and Triple DES encryption through the Encryption Wizard’s easy-to-use GUI interface.

Feel free to download an evaluation copy of the Encryption Wizard for Oracle today or simply browse the Encryption Wizard User Manual online and our easy to implement API Library Reference Guide.

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